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Avoiding Rollover Accidents in West Palm Beach

A rollover vehicle accident in Suburban West Palm sent four drivers to the hospital, two with critical injuries, after their car rolled on Southern Boulevard. WPTV News Channel 5 reports that all four motorists were ejected from the vehicle when the car rolled over, and that the two victims who sustained critical injury were both children. 

Rollover accident lawyers in West Palm Beach know that 200,000 rollover accidents occur annually in the U.S., causing 10,000 deaths. While light trucks are involved in 127 percent more rollover accidents per registered vehicle, there is a potential risk of a rollover any time a vehicle loses control. Motorists are likely to be seriously hurt or killed in a rollover crash and it is important for drivers to understand how to avoid these dangerous types of collisions.

How to Avoid a Rollover Accident 

Rollover accidents can occur in single vehicle crashes as well as multiple vehicle accidents. Drivers can reduce the chances of becoming involved in a rollover accident by:

  • Choosing a car with a stable base and low center of gravity. SUVs and minivans are the passenger cars most likely to roll while sedans and other vehicles lower to the ground are more stable.
  • Slowing down when turning a vehicle. Taking curves too fast is one of the leading causes of rollover accidents. When a vehicle goes around a turn too quickly, this can cause the car to swerve sideways. If the vehicle runs up against a guardrail, curb or other obstacle as it is swerving, this can initiate a rollover.
  • Keeping tires properly balanced. Vehicles with low air pressure or unbalanced tires are less stable and more prone to rolling over. Motorists should regularly check tire air pressure and should have their vehicles professionally balanced whenever the tires are rotated.
  • Driving defensively. Motorists should avoid tailgating to ensure they have time to react to the behavior of other drivers and so they can react if nearby motorists make erratic moves that could result in an accident.
  • Respecting the conditions of the road. Slick roads caused by ice, snow or rain can cause a vehicle to go out of control and roll over.

Finally, buckling up is one of the single most important things that a driver can do to prevent serious injuries from rollover accidents.  More than 65 percent of the occupants who were killed in rollover accidents in 2010 did not have seat belts on and many of these deaths resulted from head injuries or other damage sustained when the motorists were thrown forcefully out of the vehicle as it rolled. The motorists in the recent suburban West Palm Beach accident, for example, were likely hurt as badly as they were because they were ejected from the vehicle. Many critical injuries like those suffered in this recent rollover accident could potentially be avoided if all drivers buckled up.

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